Ongoing Review Service

You will have no doubt heard stories of bad investment or financial planning experiences, even had them yourselves. In our experience the most common reason for this is not reviewing the plan, strategy, or underlying investments on a regular basis. The world is evolving rapidly in every aspect, and this applies to financial planning now more than ever before.

Whether your pension provider is no longer giving a good service, your investment platform has increased their charges or there is simply a new option available now that was not there when you put your plans in place, it is important for us to keep on top of this and make sure your arrangements are as suitable today as they were when they were set up. Of course, this could also be prompted by changes in your own circumstances, approaching retirement, changes to income or expenditure or inheriting money for example could all mean changes to your portfolio are needed.

It is therefore vitally important that we communicate with you on a regular basis to provide updates from our side, but also to receive them from yours and we do this via our Ongoing Review Service. This helps us not only make sure your financial arrangements remain suitable, but also that you remain on track to achieve your objectives. Naturally if things are not suitable or you are not on track, we will make recommendations to remedy this and agree a route forwards.

It is highly likely that these ongoing reviews will lead to actions such as making the most of annual investment allowances, slight changes to the investment of your monies due to market movements or changes in your risk appetite or changes to contributions or withdrawal levels to help keep you on track and put you in the best possible position in the future.

We operate different ongoing review service levels which are agreed between us at the beginning of our relationship but can be changed over time. The service level agreed between us determines how many reviews you receive each year, which may also be linked to the value of your funds under our advice. In most cases we find that any work required as a result of the review will be covered by the ongoing servicing fee, we are already receiving but where it is not (for example a complete change of strategy or objective) a separate initial advice fee will be agreed for this new work.

How East Anglian Financial Planning can help you

Whether you have an existing portfolio you feel requires reviewing or are interested in setting up a new portfolio and taking advantage of our ongoing review service, our Independent Financial Advisers would be delighted to discuss this with you.